#106 Rebel

Photo by Jan Morrill

First, they had outlawed makeup and jewellery.

Soon enough a dress code had been enforced.

Their last edict was that houses must be painted white. They claimed that colour was a temptation to the devil.

Painters had swooped down on the town bathing every wall in white. It was almost as if the desert town had seen a slight snowfall.

Everything looked bleached except for one blue doorway which stood out.

They would paint that door every evening only to have it painted over by the next morning. There were no witnesses but they knew it could only be her.



This story was written based on a photoprompt by Madison Woods. See more stories through the link below. 

32 responses to “#106 Rebel

  1. Good for her! I hope she has gallons and gallons of blue paint. You skillfully constructed a bleak picture. Good job!

  2. Such a great take on the prompt. Loved it! Spooky and spunky!

  3. A fine and apt take on the prompt. I admire the guts of the girl, whoever she is. Mine is here: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/fridayfictioneers-i-want-out/

  4. Ahh! A rebel, and a girl at that! This could make an interesting bigger story! I’d suggest you pursue it!

  5. Ahhh my kind of girl lol…very unique and original take on the prompt

  6. Agreeing with Boomie on the originality. Reminds me too much of the girl just shot to death in Pakistan. Hopefully this one will stay anonymous, free and painting.

    • thecontradictoryoptimist

      I hope she does though in truth I’d have to accept that I did have that story playing at the back of my mind as I wrote this.

  7. Interesting take on the blue door, and an eloquently written story.

  8. Your story is a great comment on oppression and the power of one lone voice speaking out against it. Well done! Ron

  9. This is great. We don’t know who they are, but we know we shouldn’t give in to them. And the last line is so chilling, “…but they knew it could only be her.”

  10. People such as this would act without proof and stone her to death in the public square.

  11. A most interesting take on the blue door. I like it. Nice job!

  12. Wow,..similar to my story in a way. I hope this girl is never caught. If she is,..we all know what will happen to her.

  13. that’s an excellent opening to what could be a great short story. well done.

  14. I can not avoid thinking about Malala, do not know if it was the intention.

  15. Best one I’ve read yet!

  16. this tale gives me hope for the human spirit

  17. I like that bit of rebellion. This puts me in mind of one of my favorite movies, Equilibrium.

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