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#121 Bedmates

“I never thought this day would end. I’m so happy you’re with me tonight.” Sandy took off her jewellery and stretched her petite body. She wiped off her makeup telling him about the handsome couple she had met in the morning.


He was used to her nightly rituals and waited patiently on the bed.


After a quick shower she snuggled upto him under the quilts.

“Water.. alarm.. phone..” She checked everything was in its place before switching off the lights.

“Good night my sweetheart.” She said with a kiss.


The plastic buttons on the stuffed dog’s face stared back unflinching.

#117 Hiding the Evidence

The moonlight glinted off the steel shovels as the pit grew deeper.

“Do you think that’s enough?” Paul asked looking at the growing mound of dirt beside them.

“A little more and I think we should be done. “

An owl looked on as they worked in silence for another ten minutes.

“That should do it. Let’s get this over with quickly.”

The body offered no resistance as they lowered it into the ground sans ceremony.

Alan handed a shovel to Paul. “You better get this cloning machine working right. Mary’s starting to wonder what we’re upto every other night.”

#111 Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:…………

She had been given 10 days. 10 days to get all her affairs in order and say her goodbyes. She didn’t want to leave anything unfinished, becoming a ghost scared her more than dying.

They had refused to believe her and mocked her when she told them about the prophecy. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t have 20 friends.

On the 10th day she called her sister as her time drew nearer. The stars twinkled till the morning sun brightened the horizon.

“I told you it wasn’t so!” Her sister said as she opened her inbox and deleted the email.