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#68 The Mask

With his gloved hands he pulled the mask over his eyes and crept downstairs taking care not to make a sound. He had timed it well. Most of the family had left and the house was still.

He turned the knob and stepped into the kitchen. Damn the creaky hinges of the door. He growled as she turned to face him.

She laughed and brought a cup of milk to the table.

She wasn’t scared. How had she seen through his disguise?

“Aryan hurry up or you’ll be late for school. Now take that mask off and eat your breakfast.”



#36 The Mask

“I met someone”, she said taking off the mask. “We danced together all night. He’s meeting me for coffee tomorrow.”

Arya listened to her daughter gush about the boy and looked at the mask.

She had needed to stick a few feathers back but it looked as beautiful as when she had worn it.

It was party long ago.

He had asked her for a dance and they had stayed partners the whole night. A month later he asked her to marry him.

She dusted the tinsel off the feathers and smiled. It looked like the beginning of another love story.