Her dream

Photo by Susan Wenzel

She took in the salty tangy sea breeze and watched the children run to the beach. She remembered the summers she had spent building sandcastles with her brother.  It was then that she had decided to live by the sea.

She knew the family would love the house. It was a gorgeous cottage with only a picket fence separating it from the beach.

“We’ll take it!” The wife said with a smile.

“Congratulations! I’ll start the paperwork and soon enough you should be able to move in.”

Next year, she would buy a house for herself instead of selling them.

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25 responses to “Her dream

  1. oh, ouch. Great twist. Man, now you’ve made me whimsical for a sea side cottage.

  2. As Kailin said, I love that twist at the end, I wasn’t expecting it not to be her house at all. Excellent move. http://womanontheedgeofreality.com/2012/08/10/friday-fictioneers-shell-seeker/

  3. Good tale, well told and perfectly twisted at the end. I have no doubt that she will have her own beachfront house soon.




  4. Good twist there, stopped me in my tracks.

  5. I liked how this developed, and the description that starts it off was great, the “tangy sea breeze.”

    Brian (http://pinionpost.com/2012/08/10/the-reunion/)

  6. This was a well-told story with really good description. (There is a typo in the first line: “run”.)

  7. Sounds lovely. I want to visit.

    Just a tiny grammar thing…you want “run” instead of “ran” in opening sentence. I’m sure it was just typing too quickly as I’ve done the same thing. Or maybe you wanted “watched as the children ran to the beach.” However, it was a lovely story. I’d like a place there, too.

  8. Nice little twist! I liked it.

  9. thatcontrary....

    Sexy wordsmithing, no comment on the story

  10. I like it, however, I wonder why, if she loves the sea and the house with lovely memories, why she sold it in the first place.

  11. Sometimes our dreams have to wait for practicality, but I’m glad your character is still following hers.

    I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/friday-fiction-shells/

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