Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

#101 Growing Pains

Chocolate cake was her favorite. The only problem was that she never knew when to stop. Especially when the cake invited her saying, “Eat Me”. She had meant to ‘just taste’ the icing and had ended up with a huge slice on the plate. The seams of her dress threatened to burst as she hurriedly drank from the bottle. She felt relieved almost instantly.


Oh’oh.. She’d overdone it again.  Alice stepped out of her oversized shoes and picked up a cake crumb. There were only a few drops left in the bottle. She needed to get it right this time.

Changing and moving ahead

I’ve always written; in notebooks at home, napkins in restaurants and most recently message drafts on my phone. In May I took up this project of writing a story daily as a challenge to commit to something. I didn’t know how long the initial enthusiasm would last and hence the ‘100 days’ part tagged along.

What I didn’t know then was that it would grow to become almost a daily ritual. The few days I skipped out on writing were days I went to sleep feeling incomplete. Now the 100 days are over and I feel a little lost, so I’m changing the title to this blog. It’s been too much fun to stop now.

Most of the credit for pushing me along goes to you, the beautiful people who take time out to read, like and comment. From critique to simple encouragement every email I get notifying me of a comment gets me so excited.

So here’s to more short stories, alien meetings, love stories and otherwise just weird tales from the right side of my brain. Cheers!