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#106 Rebel

Photo by Jan Morrill

First, they had outlawed makeup and jewellery.

Soon enough a dress code had been enforced.

Their last edict was that houses must be painted white. They claimed that colour was a temptation to the devil.

Painters had swooped down on the town bathing every wall in white. It was almost as if the desert town had seen a slight snowfall.

Everything looked bleached except for one blue doorway which stood out.

They would paint that door every evening only to have it painted over by the next morning. There were no witnesses but they knew it could only be her.



This story was written based on a photoprompt by Madison Woods. See more stories through the link below. 

#105 A Salesman’s story

“Do you have the new Nicholas Sparks book?”

“No Madam, but read this instead. You will like it.”

The lady flipped through the book, “What’s it about?”

“It’s a love story based in the Second World War. It’s even been nominated for a prize this year.”

“I’ll take it” She said and money exchanged hands.

Amit took a long drag from his cigarette and looked at Sam. “Pretty impressive, you can’t read so how did you know all that?”

“My son, Manan reads them after school and tells me the story. I remember the story according to the cover picture..”