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#103 Just a small slice please…

The flames were growing bigger. She liked the way they danced in the breeze.

One whiff and it would all be gone.

Macy had been her best friend since third grade. 6 years had passed but April still needed her support on everything she did. She picked up the knife and looked at Macy. The voices in the background rose higher.

Macy met her gaze and silently nodded her head.

The sharp knife faced almost no resistance as she cut through the layers.

April smiled and turned to Macy with a slice of cake as the room erupted in applause.

#63 Wake up calls


The ringing phone snapped him out of his daydreams.
“Something’s happened to Jeff. I’m coming to pick you up.”
“What! I’ll be ready in five.”

Mike shut his apartment door and saw Alans’ car approaching.

“What happened?”
“Nobody’s been able to reach him all evening. He isn’t answering Amy’s calls either.”
It wasn’t like Jeff to not answer his phone.

Ten minutes later they were ringing Jeff’s doorbell but the house stayed quiet. Mike found the spare key and opened the door.


Alan saw him staring at their friends, “We couldn’t let you get married without a bachelor party…”

#55 Running into the past

He was attending this party only because Alex had dragged him along. All he wanted to really do was open a beer and get back to his book.

They walked through the gate and he saw her with a group of people. Maybe this night wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Back in college he had never had the courage to tell her how he felt about her. Could this be his second chance? His could almost hear his heart beat as he walked towards her.

He stopped halfway and turned around.
Her bejeweled finger was enough to blind him.