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#108 The Fall

The boy screams pierced her ears.

Her hands trembled as the wind hit her face.

“Your next” He growled pushing her forward.

She turned white as her grip loosened on the metal rail and gave way. They had said it would feel like she was floating but the feeling was more terrifying than anything else. The earth seemed to be rising up to meet her. This wasn’t how she wanted it to end!

She gave the red cord a sharp tug and sighed as her descent slowed down. The bright orange parachute opening above her reminded her of the sun.

#59 The Champion

Tonight’s game had a new player. The visiting team was surprised because they hadn’t seen him during any of the other games that season. It was close and the game looked like it would go into overtime.

The referee blew his whistle and the new boy came forward for a foul shot. He scored and the home team had the lead.

A few minutes later the buzzer announced the home teams’ victory. They had won their 1st championship.

The boy paused the tape. “See Dad, That’s why I call you a champion!”

He looked at his wheelchair and nodded wistfully.