Eliminating the Competition


She watched the spider swing from one side to the other unraveling the silken strands behind him. For a moment she thought he knew she was watching him. He made it look so easy. It felt as though he mocked her and she struck the web tearing it apart.

It had been 7 years but she still felt a shiver of fear before stepping out. She clutched her sister’s hand composing herself.

The crowd roared on the other side of the curtain as their act was announced.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome the Flyaway Sisters! The Queens of the trapeze!”

this story was written based on the photo prompt at the top. For more stories on this prompt here’s where you need to gohttp://madison-woods.com/091412-2/

37 responses to “Eliminating the Competition

  1. Now that’s somewhere you’ll never find me. Terrified of heights. Standing on a ladder makes me woozie. Nice take.

  2. BTW, there’s no H is Wisoff.

  3. What a different take on the prompt! I’m with her–no heights like that for me, although it sounds as though she has if not overcome, at least learned to live with and deal with her fears. Good for her.

  4. I like this…made me think of one of the shows my kids watch. Very well done

  5. Creative interpretation of the prompt–never would have associated swinging spiders with a trapeze artist if I hadn’t read your story. Great analogy.

  6. Really enjoyed where you took the prompt..well done!

  7. Starting with the obvious and culminating with the unexpected! Well-done!

  8. now I am thinking there will be a spider on her trapeze! Nice read!

  9. Very original take. Well written.

  10. A very creative take on the prompt. It took us into the mind of an uncertain youth thrust into the limelight. Her fears and anxiety over what she was expected to do. Well done.

  11. it’s a different take on the prompt, for sure. But then, spiders are known for some of their death defying high wire like acts 🙂

  12. The spider mocked her. Now that was brilliant. You’d never think to be that kind of threatened. I Like it, I’m here: http://remakingme-atiyatownes.blogspot.com/2012/09/friday-fictioneers-toddy-errol.html

  13. A clever take on the prompt.
    Loved the name of the act ‘Flyaway Sisters’

  14. I did not expect that ending at all! I love it!

  15. good one! what a captivating start… left me wanting more!

  16. i had to read this twice before i realized how well it was written.

  17. some days you wield the pen like a scalpel …… big hug

  18. Oh, what a beautiful metaphor!
    Actually not a metaphor on second reading, but still made me think as though it was one. Great story, and bringing together the spider and the fly (away sisters) was done well.



  19. You took us all to a unique place and perspective.That alone is worthy of notice. Well done with this fine story.



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