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#95 Setting the Stage

“Halt! Who are you?”

“A messenger from southern Pylos, My lord. I have a letter for the king.”

“You may proceed but let your men stay here. My men shall escort you within the palace.”

The messenger left his horse in the hands of the stable boy and followed the guard through the palace doors.

His name and station were announced as he was brought before the king.

“What news do you bring?” The voice from the throne was strong and clear.

“Good tidings your Grace…..”


In the audience a man nudged his neighbor, “That’s my little boy up there.”

#81 Treasure

It would be any minute now that she would notice the kitchen door ajar and come outside looking for him. He had to hurry up or she would find him. This was his find and although he loved her, he didn’t want to share it with her. Her whistle grew louder as he shoveled the dirt back into the pit. Hurriedly he patted down the ground and left the scene.

She found him scratching his ear nonchalantly as he sat beside the solitary bench. Nothing in his furry face gave away the bone he had buried under the lime tree.

#39 All the King’s men


White move: Bishop moves D5 to C4

Black move: Knight moves E4 to G5


He might have taught Aryan the game but he was out of the boys’ league now. He knew the game was a few moves away from the end.


White move: Rook moves H2 to F2


He looked at the screen waiting for the boy to play.


He missed his grandson.

When they moved away they had gifted him the computer. He had been apprehensive of the machine at first but Aryan was a good teacher.

Their afternoon games had resumed but it didn’t feel the same.