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#124 Excess Baggage

“But the Sophiya loves homemade pickle, I can’t leave it behind.”

“What about the Percy Jacksons? We could get ebooks…”

“And have Joe grow up without the smell of paper. No way! Maybe I should take out one of my sweaters. It won’t be that cold.”

Alice overheard the old couple’s conversation as they sat beside their open suitcase on the airport floor. It was Christmas week and they reminded her childhood when every year Grandpa dressed up as Santa Claus.

She smiled and handed the old lady her sweater, “Madam, don’t worry about it, our scales allow unlimited love.”


#123 At first sight…

His dark glasses hid his eyes but she could feel his stare. Alia clutched her pepper spray tightly and decided to take whichever bus came next. She would have walked home if it wasn’t for the pouring rain.

A few uncomfortable minutes later a bus stopped infront of them. A young boy got off as Alia hurried onto the bus. She turned to see if the man was still staring at her and blushed.

Her fear gave way to guilt as she watched the man unfold his red tipped cane and let the boy guide him towards the waiting bus.



#122 Classified messages

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Sam had said today would be special and Arifa woke up excited with the thought of what he might have planned.

Her phone beeped with a message from him.
“The Times, Page 7.”

It sounded like something out of her favourite detective novels. She shook her head wondering if he could be more cryptic.

She ran her finger down the classifieds till she found the box in the second column. She read the message a second time as tears of excitement rolled down.

“Will Ms Arifa Sen change her name to Mrs Arifa Sanders?”




note: Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year has more of your dreams come true!