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#121 Bedmates

“I never thought this day would end. I’m so happy you’re with me tonight.” Sandy took off her jewellery and stretched her petite body. She wiped off her makeup telling him about the handsome couple she had met in the morning.


He was used to her nightly rituals and waited patiently on the bed.


After a quick shower she snuggled upto him under the quilts.

“Water.. alarm.. phone..” She checked everything was in its place before switching off the lights.

“Good night my sweetheart.” She said with a kiss.


The plastic buttons on the stuffed dog’s face stared back unflinching.

#120 Only a matter of Timing

There were two more stops till she could get off the train.
He had climbed aboard the coach behind her at the previous stop. He was not in uniform today but she had run into him enough times to remember his face. She hoped his memory wasn’t as good.

One more stop to go.
He had entered her crowded coach and the distance between them started to rapidly lessen.

She jumped off the train as soon as the doors opened thanking the angels for their timing.
His uniformed twin stood outside. “Ticket please?”

She couldn’t get away this time.

#119 Collision

“Ms Temple?”

Alice turned to see a lady and a little girl clinging to her mother’s hand. Principal Adams had told her to expect them.

“Goodmorning, Mrs Smith I assume and this must be Karine”

The two women exchanged pleasantries as Karine refused to let go of her mother’s hand.

“Karine, it’s such an interesting name..”

“When we adopted her, the nurse told us the birth mother had wanted to name the baby after her mother. I didn’t know her name so we named her after my mother.”

Alice saw the birthmark on Karine’s left ear and remembered the photograph.



P.S. The story is a continuation of sorts from #118 What If..