The Birthing

Another drop fell.

It felt like jelly when he touched it. To think that till just a few minutes ago it had been his home.

He contorted himself in peculiar angles as he peeled the covering off his skin. Sniffing the strange air, he felt desolate for a moment. The others had to be around somewhere.

The humans had named his kind Alephodites.

His people had long figured that insects were the easiest way to gain access to this planet. Even the intellectuals of the human race would look at his nest and only see a mass of tree sap.

this story was written based on the photo prompt at the top. For more stories on this prompt here’s where you need to go

45 responses to “The Birthing

  1. Cool take on the prompt. A bit of SciFi popped in there too. Nice.

  2. I see I’m not the only one who looked at this and thought, “Aliens.” 🙂 If you see enough movies, you know to stay away from anything resembling a glistening pod….but they always ignore that!

  3. Great beginning……what’s next, what’s next?

  4. Another little story that could set the stage for a much larger plot! Well done!

  5. Really nice idea, and good story, with a great title. I always struggle with titles.

  6. Good one, nicely in keeping with the gruesome photograph.

  7. Ah! Similar to mine, yet very different! Well done!

  8. Interesting concept–aliens disguised as insects. Some nights, I’m convinced they are from outer space. Good story.

  9. I loved the scifi bent on this. This could easily be developed into something longer!

  10. What a simple, yet effective plan. 🙂 Loved this.

  11. This is how the end will come, not with a bang, but with a chitinous clicking… Lovely take on the prompt. Life includes every species on every planet, not just those creatures that fill our own limited world view.



  12. Great start. You really should continue this one!

  13. I agree with the others, this left me wanting to read more. You have a great start of something here. Good work!

  14. A great take on the prompt.
    A gooey alien invasion – wonderful.

  15. Oooh, ominous! I like how you give us such a vivid depiction of the moments after “birth”.
    I’m over at:

  16. Very cool how you slowly revealed to us where he’s come from. Just the right amount of gooey detail mixed with character building and a suggestion of something to come. Nice!

  17. A very good title, and a great take on the prompt. It does look out of this world, doesn’t it? Just not in a good way!

  18. Sci if seems to be a popular direction with this image. Nice little story

  19. Creepy and cool at the same time. It is funny that we always assume aliens will be the same size and similar in appearance as humans!


  20. thatcontrary....

    This one calls for an autographed print out, but if you promise me the autographed book, I’m prepared to happily wait……

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