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#119 Collision

“Ms Temple?”

Alice turned to see a lady and a little girl clinging to her mother’s hand. Principal Adams had told her to expect them.

“Goodmorning, Mrs Smith I assume and this must be Karine”

The two women exchanged pleasantries as Karine refused to let go of her mother’s hand.

“Karine, it’s such an interesting name..”

“When we adopted her, the nurse told us the birth mother had wanted to name the baby after her mother. I didn’t know her name so we named her after my mother.”

Alice saw the birthmark on Karine’s left ear and remembered the photograph.



P.S. The story is a continuation of sorts from #118 What If..  

#118 What if…

She was beautiful..

1..2..3..4……. 10 perfectly formed fingers in balled fists and perfect tiny toes kicking the hospital issued blanket.

Her eyes were scrunched up as though she wanted to block the light around her. Her toothless mouth was open in a soundless wail. A dark fuzz covered her head.

Alice had decided to name the baby after her parents; Emma if it was a girl and Edward if it was a boy.

She would have turned a year old today. Alice moved her fingers over the photograph wondering what the woman who had adopted her baby had named her.

#113 Push

“Just a little further honey…”

Her wet hair was plastered down on her forehead as if she had just had a shower.

“I can’t do this much longer”

“Baby, don’t give up now. We’re almost there. Push just a little more.”

He could see the exhaustion on her face. Beads of sweat glistened in the harsh tube light as they streaked down her neck.


A baby’s wail filled the room.

“It’s your turn this time” She said collapsing on the bed they had finally put in place.

Moving house with a baby in tow was harder than she had imagined.