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#98 A Perfect Couple

“How do you like this?”

Aman whistled looking at the glittering solitaire. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

“I’m going to ask Carrie to marry me”

“Congratulations! You two are perfect for each other!”

“I’d never have met her if it weren’t for you..”

Aman laughed “I hoped the two of you would like each other. I never imagined my date would end up with my friend instead of me and I’d be happy about it…”

“Here she comes. How do I look?”

“Like the Goddess you always are.”

Lysa smiled and got up to hug Carrie as she walked towards them.

#84 The Spectator

It was an idyllic Sunday afternoon by the river.  The blue waters gave way to white foam topped peaks as they hit against the rocks in their path.

A man and his lover lounged in the shade of a tree nearby. The remnants of their picnic lunch lay on the checkered sheet beside them.  She seemed to be laughing at something he said. A guitar stood propped against the tree with the song he would serenade her with later.

Feeling like an intruder Myrah moved ahead to the next canvas where a woman combing her hair stared into a mirror.


#75 Red Roses

“A dozen roses please. Make the card out to Anne.”

“She’s a lucky woman” the florist said giving him the bouquet.

He hailed a cab and made his way to her house. He hadn’t spent much time with her for a few weeks and flowers always helped her to forgive him.

Back home, Sarah put dinner in the oven. She had made his favourite tonight. She had seen him trying for the past few weeks and had found hope again in making their marriage work. She called him but was forwarded to voicemail.

Across town he was already eating desert.