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#90 Flatmates

“You scared me! Stop doing that!”

Anne laughed, “Where’s Davon? He should have reached by now.”

“Hmmm is he cute?”

“He’s usually quite a pain but the women like him for some reason.”

“Is he like you?…”

“He can’t turn invisible but he doesn’t believe in doors if you get what I mean..”


“He kinda walks through walls… Just be careful you let him know when you’re going for a bath so he doesn’t accidently walk in.” Anne winked “unless you want him too…”

Michelle blushed. Some things stayed the same with everyone whether they had superpowers or not.


#63 Wake up calls


The ringing phone snapped him out of his daydreams.
“Something’s happened to Jeff. I’m coming to pick you up.”
“What! I’ll be ready in five.”

Mike shut his apartment door and saw Alans’ car approaching.

“What happened?”
“Nobody’s been able to reach him all evening. He isn’t answering Amy’s calls either.”
It wasn’t like Jeff to not answer his phone.

Ten minutes later they were ringing Jeff’s doorbell but the house stayed quiet. Mike found the spare key and opened the door.


Alan saw him staring at their friends, “We couldn’t let you get married without a bachelor party…”