Monthly Archives: August 2012

#71 Accounting issues

The light was still on in Adam’s cabin. She wanted to finish drafting the plan for the new envision project tonight.  It was reassuring to know she wasn’t alone.

She checked her emails and froze.

The project account had only 100$ in place of the 200$ it was supposed to have. He must have decided to give the money to the sapling project despite her arguments yesterday.

“Adam, we need that money!” she said storming into his cabin.

Seconds later the guard ran in hearing her scream to find her crying uncontrollably and Adam’s desk in a pool of blood.

#70 Cops and Robbers

The coroner took the body away estimating a time of death between 2 to 3 hours ago. It had all the signs of a burglary gone wrong. There was no evidence to suggest anything else.

It was a peaceful neighborhood and this was the first bit of trouble Adam had seen in months. Mike wouldn’t be happy that he’d let Adam take his place tonight.

He filled in the reports starting from the anonymous call they had received, to the bloody knife he had submitted as evidence.

He left out the part where he’d wiped the knife clean of prints.


#69 Tomorrow…

“Tonight you’re mine completely……”

Their song played on the phone telling her he was calling. She didn’t want to think of him. The last night before she left he hadn’t said anything to stop her. There wasn’t much they could do anyway.

Her parents had arranged a match for her and she couldn’t go against them. She had flown back to India to start a new life.

She turned the phone off and straightened her hair before going down to meet the prospective groom.

He was standing beside the rest of her family, “Will you still love me tomorrow?”