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The water that once turned the wheel was gone but she could hear a stream gurgle in the distance. The hut looked deserted and she was too tired to think of whom it might belong to. It was the third day since she had escaped from the prisons. Sarah would have been happy to exchange lives with anyone after what she had been through.

Myrah came into the hut when the sun set. She had heard Sarah’s thoughts and was happy to find her new host asleep. Chanting the familiar incantation she felt herself make the girl’s body her own.

this story was written based on the photo prompt at the top. For more stories on this prompt here’s where you need to go

40 responses to “Rebirth

  1. Wooo Girl, You scared me there! an amazing twist to an interesting story. I like your blog and style of writing. will stay connected for more.

  2. Thanks for visiting. Love your story, great use of the photo prompt

  3. I guess that will teach her to be careful what she thinks. But wait! Her thoughts will be Myrah’s now. Good job. I’m always glad once I get mine done and can start reading everyone else’s without undue influence. 🙂

    Just a small thing–“girl’s” for the singular possessive, not “girls'”.

  4. my thoughts are like sustainabilitea except now I’m afraid to think them. Ha.
    Enjoyed as usual. Randy

  5. Thought provoking “possession” piece. Did you mean prison or prisons? Wondered about that. No matter. Interesting take.

  6. I liked the impersonal way the alter ego took possession; it would have been so easy to make it look like a hostile take-over rather than a very simple process of occupation. Nicely done.

  7. Ah to be oneself in prison or to be someone else? I would rather have my own thoughts.

  8. I liked the way you let us know the thoughts of both Sarah and Myra. Intriguing…possessive even.

  9. Great how you introduced the two characters as separate and then ending with that revelation…

  10. i am curious about Myra… I hope you will write a story about her.
    nicely done

  11. Very inventive! I did not see that ending coming. Outstanding story.

  12. Those creepy stone cottages….nothing good can ever come from them 😉 nice job

  13. Whoa! You should be careful when you say “happy to exchange lives with anyone”… Point taken! 🙂

    Good work!

  14. Oh dear, is that really what she would have wanted. Note to self, be more careful of what I think in future. 🙂

  15. thatcontrary....


  16. Out of the frying pan and into . . . well, nowhere! Spooky story, and well-crafted. 🙂
    Thanks for your comment on ours!

  17. Beautiful. Haunting. Amazing. That about sums it up!! 🙂

    Love supernatural stories!

  18. Super supernatural twist!!! 🙂

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