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#117 Hiding the Evidence

The moonlight glinted off the steel shovels as the pit grew deeper.

“Do you think that’s enough?” Paul asked looking at the growing mound of dirt beside them.

“A little more and I think we should be done. “

An owl looked on as they worked in silence for another ten minutes.

“That should do it. Let’s get this over with quickly.”

The body offered no resistance as they lowered it into the ground sans ceremony.

Alan handed a shovel to Paul. “You better get this cloning machine working right. Mary’s starting to wonder what we’re upto every other night.”

#72 Aliens

The video was grainy but he could see the Questia mountain ranges. The aliens had reached. His face fell as he realized he might not go home again.

He dropped a tablet into the glass of water in his hand to purify it. 2 years and his body hadn’t adjusted to the water yet.

The news anchor called it a desert and said life was not sustainable in such conditions.

Silly humans! Did they think everyone kept their water open and as polluted as theirs? Mars had plenty of water and life. Only, they were looking in the wrong places…

#49 Memories..

The first sign had come when he’d asked her for directions. For a girl who was almost always losing her way, she knew she had given the boy perfect directions to the cafe.


The second was when she couldn’t remember her conversation with Priya last night. Unfortunately Priya remembered and now was sulking. Instead she knew exactly what was bothering Ryan eventhough they hadn’t spoken in over a month.


It was only when she saw her sisters fuming face that she realized what had happened.


Damn! In her hurry this morning she must have exchanged memory boxes with her sister.