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#99 Units of love

“How much do you love me?”

The 8 year old girl smiled at her mother and spread her arms wide open saying “Thhhiisssss much.”

At 18, the sheets lay crumpled as she told her boyfriend she loved him enough to let him be her first.

She was 28 when she signed the register in a declaration of love as her fiancé became her husband.

One day at 38 her little boy had come home crying from the playground.

“Nobody likes me!”
“I love you baby” she said wiping his tears.
With outstretched arms she said “I love you thhhiisssss much!”

#69 Tomorrow…

“Tonight you’re mine completely……”

Their song played on the phone telling her he was calling. She didn’t want to think of him. The last night before she left he hadn’t said anything to stop her. There wasn’t much they could do anyway.

Her parents had arranged a match for her and she couldn’t go against them. She had flown back to India to start a new life.

She turned the phone off and straightened her hair before going down to meet the prospective groom.

He was standing beside the rest of her family, “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

#63 Wake up calls


The ringing phone snapped him out of his daydreams.
“Something’s happened to Jeff. I’m coming to pick you up.”
“What! I’ll be ready in five.”

Mike shut his apartment door and saw Alans’ car approaching.

“What happened?”
“Nobody’s been able to reach him all evening. He isn’t answering Amy’s calls either.”
It wasn’t like Jeff to not answer his phone.

Ten minutes later they were ringing Jeff’s doorbell but the house stayed quiet. Mike found the spare key and opened the door.


Alan saw him staring at their friends, “We couldn’t let you get married without a bachelor party…”