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#91 Confessions

It had begun innocently enough.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned…”

From there it had spiralled into a crazy nightmare.

She had run away before he could get a look at her face. All he had been left with was her voice that was etched in his memory. He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since the day she had walked into his church.

Confessions were supposed to be confidential but he just couldn’t keep it to himself anymore. The coldest part was the coolness that had stayed in her voice all the time.

“I killed a man ………….”

#88 The Silent Witness


The children made themselves comfortable around him as the professor started his history lesson. He shushed the squirrels, straining his ears to hear the old man. It was a refreshing change from the mindless gossip he was otherwise subjected to.

He had stood there for over a century and watched the history they talked about being created. He wanted to tell them a story of his own.

Whoooooosh whoooooshhh!

“Don’t worry, it’s only the wind and the leaves” the man told the frightened children below.

He wished he had exchanged something else for his long life instead of his voice.

#23 The baby King

June 20th, 355BC

Today is a big day.

Baby Alex took his fist steps today. He’s going to be quite the warrior it seems. With his first baby steps the boy crushed two ants to their death.


The prophesier says this is a sign that he will be a great king and conquer many nations. The ants are symbolic of the armies Alexander will crush. He will be undefeated in his battles.


It’s hard to imagine this babe as a grown man leading an army. For now he seems content capturing the hearts of my ladies with his baby talk.