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#107 Riches

“You have the most beautiful skin” he said circling her navel with his finger.

She giggled “Stop! You’re tickling me!”

“Come away with me. I’m a rich man you know. I can take care of you. I’ll give my wife the divorce she wants and you can live comfortably with me.”


Three loud knocks on the door signaled the end of an hour.

She looked at the crisp notes lying on the table and knew it was another lie. She wondered who was richer. The man buying her lies, or she, who could barely afford the rent of her room.

#105 A Salesman’s story

“Do you have the new Nicholas Sparks book?”

“No Madam, but read this instead. You will like it.”

The lady flipped through the book, “What’s it about?”

“It’s a love story based in the Second World War. It’s even been nominated for a prize this year.”

“I’ll take it” She said and money exchanged hands.

Amit took a long drag from his cigarette and looked at Sam. “Pretty impressive, you can’t read so how did you know all that?”

“My son, Manan reads them after school and tells me the story. I remember the story according to the cover picture..”

#58 The Fortuneteller


People said her grandmother was the last to have the vision. She had tried but crystal gazing wasn’t her forte.

The stock market however was a different story. She understood how it behaved. It hadn’t taken her long to build a name for herself and now some of the cities élite were on her client list. It amused her how the click of a button controlled millions.

This morning she had made a 200,000 dollar profit for the man sitting across the table.
He crossed her outstretched palm with silver and she smiled. She still enjoyed the old school charm.