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#84 The Spectator

It was an idyllic Sunday afternoon by the river.  The blue waters gave way to white foam topped peaks as they hit against the rocks in their path.

A man and his lover lounged in the shade of a tree nearby. The remnants of their picnic lunch lay on the checkered sheet beside them.  She seemed to be laughing at something he said. A guitar stood propped against the tree with the song he would serenade her with later.

Feeling like an intruder Myrah moved ahead to the next canvas where a woman combing her hair stared into a mirror.


#77 Broken Love

Under cc license from Gary Foulger


His artwork was reputed to be lifelike.  This one was titled “Broken Love”. She had seen it from the other side of the room and came close to study it further.  The white towel swans stood out against the uneven red backdrop she perceived as rose petals. Had he named it after the wife he’d almost had?

He was standing alone watching the audience. For a change he wore a suit instead of the vest and shorts he usually preferred. Pain flashed through his eyes when she caught him by the elbow.

Was it true that he created his paints?

#43 Sunflowers

Picture courtesy: Painting by Shannon Vermanen for Carrickfergus painting competition 2010


The flash went off and she relaxed her smile. The show was a success.

Shazia sipped her champagne as she walked around the gallery. The critics amused her with their talk about brush technique and composition. For her it was the love of bringing life to a blank canvas.


She found Mark and Andy deep in conversation around her desk. They had met in art school and had become close friends.

“.. isn’t it beautiful how she’s captured the mother – child relationship?”


She giggled to herself and wondered if she should tell them the truth about her daughter’s homework assignment.