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#21 Cinderella

The glass slipper looked out of place with her ragged dress and disheveled hair.

But it was a perfect fit.


Her step sisters howled while her step mother shrieked with anger.

“She’s no princess!

She’s a thief and a liar!!

Squirrels and sparrows washing dishes and mopping floors indeed!

Where did you steal the money from, girl? That dress and these shoes certainly weren’t made by you. Tell them the truth!

Bah! Fairy Godmothers indeed!”


Nobody listened to her.

Cinderella drove away in the carriage and the old step mother was left wondering how she would find a new maid.

# 2 Wagging Tongues

“I bit him so hard, he was almost crying by the time he reached home!” I felt like the star I was meant to be.

Served him right for the way he treated me. The least he could have done was some powder and perfume. Didn’t I deserve that much?

“Don’t be too hard on him”, the loafers replied; “If you go on this way, you’ll end up with the ragpickers. How will that feel then? Such shiny new leather shoes on an urchin’s feet! ”

“True that”, I thought, maybe I should try and let him grow into me.