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#114 Into the depths..

“Go drown yourself somewhere!”

She’d said slamming the door in his face. The flowers he’d lovingly picked now lay amongst banana peels and toffee wrappers. He wondered if someday she would miss him.

It was high tide lit up by the full moon. The waves crashed against the rocks below him throwing up a salty spray in his face. If not for the railing he could have walked into the sea.

Someone appeared to his left.

“Repeat your order sir?”

He nodded as the bartender poured the amber liquid into his glass. He was glad he had taken her advice.

#89 Sirens of the Sea

Her only condition had been that he kept her a secret. He knew nobody would believe him. Mermaids were only heard about in sailor fables and songs. Yet last night he had told the little boy about her in a drunken stupor. Word had spread like wildfire through the village and they said his loneliness was driving him insane.

The next morning he rowed out as usual to their spot but she wasn’t there. Thinking of her palaces on the seabed he dove into the water.

She watched from below and moved the bead on her abacus to the right.