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#116 Silent love

Adam found Sarah crying in her room. He hugged her as she told him about her latest argument with Ryan.

“I want the type of love you and Mom have..”

Adam remembered how he had courted his wife years ago and how many times they had almost let go.

“It’s not perfect, we have our own problems. It took us a long time to get here. You’ll get there too.” He replied wiping her tears.

“How is it that you and Mom never fight this much?”

Adam smiled and moved his hands “Sign language makes your arms pain after awhile.”

#96 Conversations

“Hello, may I sit with you?”

She didn’t reply and he wondered if she had understood him. The creases on her forehead deepened as her eyes stayed locked on something in the distance.

“Is something wrong? Can I help you?”

There was still no reaction.

Dave walked away and sat by himself under a tree.

A few minutes later a dog ran towards the girl with a leash in his mouth..

“Buddy! Where did you run off to? Let’s go home..” she said taking his leash and opening out her cane.

He wondered if he could teach dogs sign language.