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#119 Collision

“Ms Temple?”

Alice turned to see a lady and a little girl clinging to her mother’s hand. Principal Adams had told her to expect them.

“Goodmorning, Mrs Smith I assume and this must be Karine”

The two women exchanged pleasantries as Karine refused to let go of her mother’s hand.

“Karine, it’s such an interesting name..”

“When we adopted her, the nurse told us the birth mother had wanted to name the baby after her mother. I didn’t know her name so we named her after my mother.”

Alice saw the birthmark on Karine’s left ear and remembered the photograph.



P.S. The story is a continuation of sorts from #118 What If..  

#115 Interruptions

“Oh no! I’m going to have to wash my trousers again!”

There was a second of silence before the giggling started. Joe blushed a shade of pink as the class turned to look at him. He hadn’t meant to speak out.

Sister Ann put down the book she had been reading from and glared at him..

“Joe, why are you disturbing the class?” she asked seething with anger.

“I’m sorry Sister, It’s only that I can see the clothes line from here and the wind just blew my trousers off…” He said pointing outside the window towards the hostel block.

#105 A Salesman’s story

“Do you have the new Nicholas Sparks book?”

“No Madam, but read this instead. You will like it.”

The lady flipped through the book, “What’s it about?”

“It’s a love story based in the Second World War. It’s even been nominated for a prize this year.”

“I’ll take it” She said and money exchanged hands.

Amit took a long drag from his cigarette and looked at Sam. “Pretty impressive, you can’t read so how did you know all that?”

“My son, Manan reads them after school and tells me the story. I remember the story according to the cover picture..”