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#115 Interruptions

“Oh no! I’m going to have to wash my trousers again!”

There was a second of silence before the giggling started. Joe blushed a shade of pink as the class turned to look at him. He hadn’t meant to speak out.

Sister Ann put down the book she had been reading from and glared at him..

“Joe, why are you disturbing the class?” she asked seething with anger.

“I’m sorry Sister, It’s only that I can see the clothes line from here and the wind just blew my trousers off…” He said pointing outside the window towards the hostel block.

#43 Sunflowers

Picture courtesy: Painting by Shannon Vermanen for Carrickfergus painting competition 2010


The flash went off and she relaxed her smile. The show was a success.

Shazia sipped her champagne as she walked around the gallery. The critics amused her with their talk about brush technique and composition. For her it was the love of bringing life to a blank canvas.


She found Mark and Andy deep in conversation around her desk. They had met in art school and had become close friends.

“.. isn’t it beautiful how she’s captured the mother – child relationship?”


She giggled to herself and wondered if she should tell them the truth about her daughter’s homework assignment.

# 2 Wagging Tongues

“I bit him so hard, he was almost crying by the time he reached home!” I felt like the star I was meant to be.

Served him right for the way he treated me. The least he could have done was some powder and perfume. Didn’t I deserve that much?

“Don’t be too hard on him”, the loafers replied; “If you go on this way, you’ll end up with the ragpickers. How will that feel then? Such shiny new leather shoes on an urchin’s feet! ”

“True that”, I thought, maybe I should try and let him grow into me.