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#81 Treasure

It would be any minute now that she would notice the kitchen door ajar and come outside looking for him. He had to hurry up or she would find him. This was his find and although he loved her, he didn’t want to share it with her. Her whistle grew louder as he shoveled the dirt back into the pit. Hurriedly he patted down the ground and left the scene.

She found him scratching his ear nonchalantly as he sat beside the solitary bench. Nothing in his furry face gave away the bone he had buried under the lime tree.

#74 Farmer Simon

The only sound that could be heard in the room was the constant hissing. Some of the world’s most venomous snakes were in this room.

Simon knew he couldn’t afford the slightest mistake. One wrong move and it would be his last one. The rattlesnake in his arms bared his fangs and spat out a spray of life threatening venom.

He watched the drops slide down the glass beaker and sighed. 6 done, 24 more to go. There weren’t many people who wanted to be in his place. They thought him odd but Simon preferred milking snakes to milking cows.

#65 Dawn

The suitcases stood by the door of her room. Nothing he said had stopped her from packing them last night. In the end he had watched dolefully as her wardrobes were emptied. How was she so happy about leaving?

It was all Aman’s fault. He couldn’t understand what she saw in the man. The man didn’t even like dogs.

Her alarm hadn’t worked today. He jumped onto the bed and dug his nose into her hair waking her from her sleep. This might just be their last morning walk together.

“Good morning Spike..” She said ruffling his long spaniel ears.