First Crush

This school was where he had grown up. He had shown her the classes, the basketball courts and the science labs. There was one place left.

“It’s a tap. I’ve seen millions like this”, she said looking at him puzzled.

“It’s not just any tap. It’s where I found my first crush. I used to come here to fill everyone’s water bottles just to get a look at her in that class”, he said pointing to the room opposite.

“And then?”

“Nothing happened, I never got around to talking to her”, he said as they walked away, hand in hand.

27 responses to “First Crush

  1. Nice. I wonder what she thought about his memories. Interesting and intriguing.

  2. This really rings true. I think lots of first crushes are like that, watching and yearning from afar. It was interesting to see how you used the picture to get to this story.

  3. Sweet story, poignant memory. Nicely done.

  4. rochellewisoff

    At least he found someone who returned his affection. Sweet story.

  5. well done, she will always be young and mysterious to him…

  6. I would have wished I were her for a while… 🙂 nice piece…

  7. thatcontrary....

    Lovely, it just induces a smile and the smile lingers. Big Hug.

  8. I was expecting him to say “You finally talked to me instead” or something.

    either way, cute story

  9. Pleasant story. If only he had mustered the courage to strike up a conversation. I can relate. But, it worked out happily, anyway.

  10. Can’t help but wonder why he is telling her that. I’d have kept that one to myself.

  11. thepurpleshapeshifter

    So much love, when you weave a story, that comes from a place of love 😀

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