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#103 Just a small slice please…

The flames were growing bigger. She liked the way they danced in the breeze.

One whiff and it would all be gone.

Macy had been her best friend since third grade. 6 years had passed but April still needed her support on everything she did. She picked up the knife and looked at Macy. The voices in the background rose higher.

Macy met her gaze and silently nodded her head.

The sharp knife faced almost no resistance as she cut through the layers.

April smiled and turned to Macy with a slice of cake as the room erupted in applause.

#56 Birthday Bouquets

Image courtesy Ami Mathur

The last of her friends left the house and Sophie started to clear up. It was her first birthday since her father had passed away.

“Let’s go eat some icecream.” Anne said remembering the long walks the three of them used to take every Sunday.

They had barely reached the end of the driveway when Sophie stopped.

“Look Mama!” Sophie cried pointing at a cluster of bright red carnations blooming by the side of the road. “They weren’t here earlier. Papa sent me my favorite flowers!”

Anne smiled as she thought of the mud covered gloves in the garden shed.