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#93 Doctor Doctor

“Daddy! Baby won’t open her eyes! Daddy!! Daddy!!” Anna cried as she thrust the cloth wrapped bundle into his lap. “Fix her please!”

Aryan put on his stethoscope and frowned as he listened to the sounds he heard. “Don’t worry, she’s ok. She’s just in a deep sleep baby.” He unwrapped the bundle and turned Baby onto her stomach.

“Why won’t she wake up?” Anna asked through her tears.

“She was tired. You two were too busy playing to have your afternoon nap weren’t you?”

He changed the batteries and made Baby sit up.

Her blue eyes flickered open.



#31 Reflections

“I’m tired of her crying every night. Will someone tell her to stop feeling sorry for herself?”


“Will feels the same way. His damned ego won’t let him go apologize to her. He’s starting to reflect badly on me.” He laughed at his own pun.


“I wish for once I could scream out and knock some sense into her.”


“Don’t even think of that! Remember we’re on the other side. They don’t know we exist.

The last kid you tried talking to ended up in the hospital. You can’t blame them. It does sound insane to believe mirrors have souls.”

#18 The Cry of the Red Purse

You didn’t notice them taking us cos you had us hung on the chair behind you all the time.

If only you had paid a little more attention to us, rather than that silly boy.


They cut me open and took all the money I had, but they left the cards. Your bag unfortunately I think they threw in the ditch behind the café.


I’m sorry I hid from you in the dark. It was just a harmless prank I liked to play.

I wish we had more time.


My last wish. Please don’t replace me with some cheap look-a-like.