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#100 Firsts

She was the spitting image of her mother except for the colour of her eyes. She must have got those from her father. The little girl was oblivious of Rachel’s study as she read aloud from the story book.

She was a transfer student and today was her first day.

The girl’s mother had been in Rachel’s first class. She had called them Lilliputian monsters. They had lived up to their name but she loved them nevertheless.

Rachel smiled thinking of her first day. The Encounter was what she liked to call it as when she told people her story.

#99 Units of love

“How much do you love me?”

The 8 year old girl smiled at her mother and spread her arms wide open saying “Thhhiisssss much.”

At 18, the sheets lay crumpled as she told her boyfriend she loved him enough to let him be her first.

She was 28 when she signed the register in a declaration of love as her fiancé became her husband.

One day at 38 her little boy had come home crying from the playground.

“Nobody likes me!”
“I love you baby” she said wiping his tears.
With outstretched arms she said “I love you thhhiisssss much!”

#87 Alice

Alice was his first. He wondered whether his parents would like her and shuddered to think of the consequences if they didn’t.

She was exactly how he had imagined her to be. He ran his hand over her soft curves thinking of how he had fallen for her after seeing just a photograph of her. Her eyes shone bright and clear under the starlit sky and he didn’t want to leave her side even for a minute.

He was both excited and nervous as he walked towards the house.

His father answered the door bell. “So where’s the new car?”