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#101 Growing Pains

Chocolate cake was her favorite. The only problem was that she never knew when to stop. Especially when the cake invited her saying, “Eat Me”. She had meant to ‘just taste’ the icing and had ended up with a huge slice on the plate. The seams of her dress threatened to burst as she hurriedly drank from the bottle. She felt relieved almost instantly.


Oh’oh.. She’d overdone it again.  Alice stepped out of her oversized shoes and picked up a cake crumb. There were only a few drops left in the bottle. She needed to get it right this time.

#94 Believe..

“I believe..”

She scrunched her eyes shut and chanted the rhyme they’d taught her.

She felt something flutter past her bare leg and was tempted to open her eyes. Remembering how the old lady had stressed on the rules she covered her eyes with her hands as insurance.

“I believe…”

She could hear the crickets calling out to one another under the full moon sky. A frog croaked in the distance. The wind whistled a merry tune through the chimes that hung outside her window.

“I believe..”

She opened her eyes and saw tiny flickering lights flying over the lawn.


#28 The doll people

Tom shook the water off his umbrella and opened the garage door.

For a minute he stood dumbstruck. He had only heard of them in his grandmother’s stories.


The man was barely 6 inches tall. His tiny hat looked like it was made for a doll. If that wasn’t odd enough he was leading a white elephant on a leash.

“Who are you”, Tom asked curiously.

“We’re lost. Please don’t harm us”, pleaded the little man

“Don’t worry, you can stay here”, said Tom as he thought of what a perfect husband the little man would make for Rhea’s doll.