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#107 Riches

“You have the most beautiful skin” he said circling her navel with his finger.

She giggled “Stop! You’re tickling me!”

“Come away with me. I’m a rich man you know. I can take care of you. I’ll give my wife the divorce she wants and you can live comfortably with me.”


Three loud knocks on the door signaled the end of an hour.

She looked at the crisp notes lying on the table and knew it was another lie. She wondered who was richer. The man buying her lies, or she, who could barely afford the rent of her room.

#98 A Perfect Couple

“How do you like this?”

Aman whistled looking at the glittering solitaire. “Who’s the lucky girl?”

“I’m going to ask Carrie to marry me”

“Congratulations! You two are perfect for each other!”

“I’d never have met her if it weren’t for you..”

Aman laughed “I hoped the two of you would like each other. I never imagined my date would end up with my friend instead of me and I’d be happy about it…”

“Here she comes. How do I look?”

“Like the Goddess you always are.”

Lysa smiled and got up to hug Carrie as she walked towards them.

#69 Tomorrow…

“Tonight you’re mine completely……”

Their song played on the phone telling her he was calling. She didn’t want to think of him. The last night before she left he hadn’t said anything to stop her. There wasn’t much they could do anyway.

Her parents had arranged a match for her and she couldn’t go against them. She had flown back to India to start a new life.

She turned the phone off and straightened her hair before going down to meet the prospective groom.

He was standing beside the rest of her family, “Will you still love me tomorrow?”