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#106 Rebel

Photo by Jan Morrill

First, they had outlawed makeup and jewellery.

Soon enough a dress code had been enforced.

Their last edict was that houses must be painted white. They claimed that colour was a temptation to the devil.

Painters had swooped down on the town bathing every wall in white. It was almost as if the desert town had seen a slight snowfall.

Everything looked bleached except for one blue doorway which stood out.

They would paint that door every evening only to have it painted over by the next morning. There were no witnesses but they knew it could only be her.



This story was written based on a photoprompt by Madison Woods. See more stories through the link below. 

#77 Broken Love

Under cc license from Gary Foulger


His artwork was reputed to be lifelike.  This one was titled “Broken Love”. She had seen it from the other side of the room and came close to study it further.  The white towel swans stood out against the uneven red backdrop she perceived as rose petals. Had he named it after the wife he’d almost had?

He was standing alone watching the audience. For a change he wore a suit instead of the vest and shorts he usually preferred. Pain flashed through his eyes when she caught him by the elbow.

Was it true that he created his paints?