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#120 Only a matter of Timing

There were two more stops till she could get off the train.
He had climbed aboard the coach behind her at the previous stop. He was not in uniform today but she had run into him enough times to remember his face. She hoped his memory wasn’t as good.

One more stop to go.
He had entered her crowded coach and the distance between them started to rapidly lessen.

She jumped off the train as soon as the doors opened thanking the angels for their timing.
His uniformed twin stood outside. “Ticket please?”

She couldn’t get away this time.

#109 Stained

“Would you mind if we took a look around?” he asked suddenly getting up from the sofa.

“I swear! Nobody’s here.”

The two policemen paid her no attention as they walked though the house.

They found him crouching behind the coats. He didn’t put up much of a fight. Tears streamed down her face as they snapped handcuffs on both of them.

“You should use coasters on glass tables” one said as he pushed her into the car.

In the otherwise spotless house it had been the rings left behind by the two cups of coffee that had betrayed her.