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#41 Made for Each Other

He recognized her by the book on the table. She had signed the classified as Anne. Charlie introduced himself and struck up a conversation. Soon they were exchanging stories about her art studio and his mining corporation.

An hour later, they parted with plans for dinner on Saturday.


That evening he was to start a new assignment.


He straightened his badge and rang the intercom phone, “Charlie from Diamond security services. May I come in?”

She opened the door and looked at him dumbstruck. She wanted to call him a liar but realized she was still in her maids’ uniform.

#24 Hat no.87

“Sorry to intrude but may I ask where you bought that exquisite hat? It’s my sister’s birthday soon and she would love something like that.”’

“It’s from a store around the corner.”

Pretty ones were the easiest to charm. 3 hours and many martinis later Neil dropped the intoxicated lady to a cab.

She didn’t realize he still had her hat. She would probably call for it tomorrow but the number on his card would direct her to the post office.
This was the 87th in his collection. It was doubtlessly a more exciting hobby than collecting stamps and postcards.