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#111 Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:…………

She had been given 10 days. 10 days to get all her affairs in order and say her goodbyes. She didn’t want to leave anything unfinished, becoming a ghost scared her more than dying.

They had refused to believe her and mocked her when she told them about the prophecy. It wasn’t her fault she didn’t have 20 friends.

On the 10th day she called her sister as her time drew nearer. The stars twinkled till the morning sun brightened the horizon.

“I told you it wasn’t so!” Her sister said as she opened her inbox and deleted the email.

#97 Love Letters

It was an old coffee tin with rust covering most of it.

He sat on the bed and opened it to find yellowing pages covered in an unintelligible scrawl. They were so old that they were disintegrating along the creases. He couldn’t understand what was stranger; the fact that she had kept them for so long or that someone had spent so much time writing them.

“What’s this?” He asked her as she entered the room.

“They’re letters your grandfather wrote to me.”

“Why didn’t he just type them?”

She laughed and ruffled the hair on her grandson’s teenage head.


#85 The VIP

4am was no excuse for the snaky queues at the check in counter to be shorter than usual. Here men in suits and college hipsters became equals. Their eyes followed as he cut across them and quickly moved past security clearance.

The stewardess aboard welcomed him with a practised smile. He put on his seatbelt and watched the bus drive across the tarmac with the others. 15 minutes the later she told him they were ready for takeoff. He turned a few levers and brought the mike close.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard, this is your captain speaking….”