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#121 Bedmates

“I never thought this day would end. I’m so happy you’re with me tonight.” Sandy took off her jewellery and stretched her petite body. She wiped off her makeup telling him about the handsome couple she had met in the morning.


He was used to her nightly rituals and waited patiently on the bed.


After a quick shower she snuggled upto him under the quilts.

“Water.. alarm.. phone..” She checked everything was in its place before switching off the lights.

“Good night my sweetheart.” She said with a kiss.


The plastic buttons on the stuffed dog’s face stared back unflinching.

#78 Starry Starry Nights

licensed according to creative commons


The voices couldn’t be ignored. She wondered what it would be like if it was her they were calling. Sigh.. It was only poets who called on her.

She watched the shimmering train of her cousin’s dress fly by her. She wasn’t very fond of this side of her family. Their rich gowns humbled her homespun clothes eventhough they were spun from gold.

Jealousy nipped at her as she heard the chant grow louder.

“…I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish my wish comes true tonight.”

Then again, she knew the poets immortalized her in their words.