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#42 The Emigration


Sync complete.

They disconnected the wires and transported him back to the house. There was still a lot they could extract but experiments had proved anything more than 3 syncs was too dangerous. He wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning but then there were so many other things he wouldn’t remember.

His friends and family would blame age for the memory loss.

X2 sorted through the extraction, cross referencing it with their archives. There were only a few gaps left to fill in before the emigrants would have enough information to blend in with the current Earth inhabitants.

#41 Made for Each Other

He recognized her by the book on the table. She had signed the classified as Anne. Charlie introduced himself and struck up a conversation. Soon they were exchanging stories about her art studio and his mining corporation.

An hour later, they parted with plans for dinner on Saturday.


That evening he was to start a new assignment.


He straightened his badge and rang the intercom phone, “Charlie from Diamond security services. May I come in?”

She opened the door and looked at him dumbstruck. She wanted to call him a liar but realized she was still in her maids’ uniform.

#40 As sweet as Sugar

It began when Charlie claimed the postman had lost their invitation to his daughters’ wedding.

Soon the other invitations stopped coming too. She had complained to the post office but he knew the truth. She’d always been a little blunt but it had gotten worse with time.


He had often conferred with his evening whiskey of how he could explain it to her.

Then again, he worried about hurting her.


One morning, he gave her a gift wrapped box.


Later in the evening he overheard her on the phone…

“…But why would he give me a box of sugar cubes?”