#104 Light and Dark

A line around her ankles and thighs, hazy outlines on her arms and a distinct neck line.

On the first day of school after the summer holidays they always compared tan lines. It used to be a measure of holiday excitement.

The things that had changed as she’d grown up.

Sunscreen had become a constant companion as she struggled to maintain her whitish complexion. She stayed in the shade and always made sure she was completely covered. All to keep him interested in her.


She didn’t know how to feel about the ring of pale flesh circling her finger.

6 responses to “#104 Light and Dark

  1. I like this above and beyond the ‘like’ button. Interesting observations and a great way to tell a tale of break up and disolution.



    • thecontradictoryoptimist

      Made me think of how the same things can have different interpretations at different stages of life..

  2. Love the final sentence. I can imagine her rubbing at it in the hope that it will eventually disappear.

  3. We’ve gotten habitual of seeing your work every day. I was surprised it took you a week between two posts. and slightly sad

    • thecontradictoryoptimist

      So sorry to have kept you waiting! I got caught up with a few things offline. hopefully I should be able to get back to writing daily soon 🙂

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