#102 Traditions

photo by Raina

The weighing scale sat in the centre surrounded by jars of flour and sugar and cups of dried fruits, yet something was missing. It didn’t feel the same without her. Every year they had shared a mother daughter ritual of making the family Christmas cakes.

She wanted to open the windows and let the sunlight come in but the darkened room seemed to match her mood. She started measuring the flour while she hummed an old radio jingle.

“Mommy can I help?” Her 7 year old daughter asked from the doorway.

Penny smiled and nodded, a new ritual was beginning.



This story was written based on a photoprompt by Madison Woods. See more stories through the link below. 

33 responses to “#102 Traditions

  1. I’m so glad to see that the ritual(s) will continue. Lovely story. Grandma and her love will live on through this.

  2. aww, the circle of life. traditions are not really traditions unless they get passed along.

  3. this story warms my heart

  4. Very good. Touching.

  5. Very nice..I smiled warmly after reading this. Well done

  6. The circle of life… lovely. Well done.

  7. Sweet reading. I enjoyed this and noted you attention to detail as well. keen eye, sharp pen.



  8. That’s so cool!

  9. Awwww…a big ritual passed into little hands!

  10. Nice generational story, and I like you way you blended sorrow and hope so skillfully. Ron

  11. What a way to showcase what is truly important. Grandma is smiling down at them.

  12. It is very sweet.

  13. Awww. How cute. I loved it.

  14. My mother used to bake christmas cakes with me when I was a kid. My mother loves to bake for any happy occasion. Now that I am all grown up and married, I bake every Christmas, but sadly, my boys only come round when it is cooked. 🙂 Mine is here: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/fridayfictioneers-the-empty-heart/you for this story.

  15. A happy sweet story! Life goes in circles indeed! 🙂

  16. John Hardy Bell

    Nice story! The theme of loss has been a fairly consistent one this week. Nice to see you added the light of a new beginning to yours! Well done.

  17. From generation to generation. Very nicely told and left me smiling from the inside out.

  18. Nice turn at the end – I feel like surprises always work better when there’s an emotional aspect to them instead of just a twist, which you did nicely. Good work!

  19. Enjoyed travelling from the sadness of loss to the optimism for the future. Well done.

  20. I wasn’t expecting that ending. It was lovely, nice job!

  21. Passing on the tradition. A lovely, good-feeling story.

  22. How sweet. Traditions are great. I love cooking with my granddaughter.

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