#37 His First Time

He was on his 2nd coffee but the couple showed no signs of leaving.  Jake checked the photograph again. He had never failed a mission and didn’t want this to be his first.


She shrieked from across the room. The man got off his knees and shouted. “She said Yes!”


Champagne was brought out while the rest of the room clapped, congratulating the couple. Jake left two 100 Rupee notes on the table and left the café.


He might be a hit man but he was also a romantic. 1 miss in 145 missions. There was first time for everything.

12 responses to “#37 His First Time

  1. free penny press

    I love to write too, but have yet to be able to write a short such as this.. well done!!

  2. Good Idea! I love 100 word stories. I think they make you work harder than usual on getting it all in and still keeping the interest up.
    The surprise here was great.

  3. Very interesting, Shruti! Am following now, and will look forward to more stories from you!

  4. I love this idea and challenge. What a great way to stimulate new ideas and (for me) get over the little blocks that occur sometimes.

  5. This one was great. My favourite from the top reading down till now.

  6. I wanna do something like this too but clearly from my blog you would know that i can never even say a hello in less than 100 words let alone a story ! Hats off to people with a few words.

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