Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

#26 The White Elephant

“Why does grandma have white hair”

“Because she’s an old lady”

“Does everyone have white hair when they grow old?”

“Yes, now go finish your colouring. Let me finish my work and we’ll go out for an icecream”


With the thought of a pending icecream, Jeff got back to his picture book.


20 minutes later..


“See see, I finished colouring the picture.


Let’s go!”

“Jeff; who’s going to colour the elephant? We saw the big elephant in the zoo last week, remember? Elephants aren’t white. What colour is an elephant?”

“But this is an old elephant, she’s grandma elephant…”



ps. I feel so bad I missed out on 2 days of writing. In my defense it was the weekend and I was travelling through most of it. Next time I think I should line them up early if I’m going to be unable to access the net.

Don’t stop reading, I promise to try n not let that repeat itself.