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#21 Cinderella

The glass slipper looked out of place with her ragged dress and disheveled hair.

But it was a perfect fit.


Her step sisters howled while her step mother shrieked with anger.

“She’s no princess!

She’s a thief and a liar!!

Squirrels and sparrows washing dishes and mopping floors indeed!

Where did you steal the money from, girl? That dress and these shoes certainly weren’t made by you. Tell them the truth!

Bah! Fairy Godmothers indeed!”


Nobody listened to her.

Cinderella drove away in the carriage and the old step mother was left wondering how she would find a new maid.

#20 Safe Driving

Step 1: Wash off the dirt with soap and water.

Step 2: Wipe and dry the car.

Step 3: Use the wax polish and a soft cloth to polish the car.

Aman followed through the steps just like he’d seen Papa clean the yellow fiat on Sunday.

The car looked new. The wax polish had promised to make it shine like a mirror.

Vroom vroom!!

It was time to drive to office..

First gear



He screeched the car to a halt.

His sister had to choose this moment to cross the room.

Papa always said, “Pedestrians come first”.

ps.  This is a late update for yesterday’s story. The computer and the internet conspired against me yesterday so I had to wait till this morning to share this with you.