#100 Firsts

She was the spitting image of her mother except for the colour of her eyes. She must have got those from her father. The little girl was oblivious of Rachel’s study as she read aloud from the story book.

She was a transfer student and today was her first day.

The girl’s mother had been in Rachel’s first class. She had called them Lilliputian monsters. They had lived up to their name but she loved them nevertheless.

Rachel smiled thinking of her first day. The Encounter was what she liked to call it as when she told people her story.

6 responses to “#100 Firsts

  1. OOOOOH!! its awesome how you link stuff!! .. .you should maybe link 3-4 together like u did with 3 stories before also!!!

  2. Will do.. there are a couple of stories that I want to extend further…

  3. It’s all one big circle! Wonderful!

  4. So the end becomes the beginning… very nice touch going full circle.

    Just one technical comment which I rarely do –
    Did you mean to write:
    “She was the splitting image of her mother”?

    as if they split from the same person or spirit.
    Usually the expression is “spit and image” or some people write it (ugh) as “spitting image” which I feel is absolutely incorrect, but then what do I know.

    Not sure what you wanted to imply here.

    Lastly, I have enjoyed your stories so much – must be a little obvious since I do comment regularly – and look forward to whatever it is that you will doing next.


    • I did mean to write spitting but misspelled it. Thanks Randy for pointing it out.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the stories. It’s the comments that kept me going when ideas refused to show themselves. I’ve had so much fun writing these I’m going to keep at them for a little while longer. I do want to start a new project though so at the moment I’m contemplating what to do… 🙂

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