#96 Conversations

“Hello, may I sit with you?”

She didn’t reply and he wondered if she had understood him. The creases on her forehead deepened as her eyes stayed locked on something in the distance.

“Is something wrong? Can I help you?”

There was still no reaction.

Dave walked away and sat by himself under a tree.

A few minutes later a dog ran towards the girl with a leash in his mouth..

“Buddy! Where did you run off to? Let’s go home..” she said taking his leash and opening out her cane.

He wondered if he could teach dogs sign language.

10 responses to “#96 Conversations

  1. intriguing that she didn’t answer. But I could imagine her scared to answer anyone she can’t see and doesn’t know – and yet when we are all “outside” we are all blind in some more or another and we take chances in conversations with strangers. But I guess, still so, others would not take the risk, blind or otherwise.

    Dave’s wish to pursue her through the dog was cute…

  2. Wait. What language am I speaking? Ha. I missed that one completely. i did read the braille version of this earlier…

  3. Only 4 more. What are you going to do when you finish?

  4. But do it in sign or pig Latin or as an acrostic…

  5. That should be quite a challenge!

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