#95 Setting the Stage

“Halt! Who are you?”

“A messenger from southern Pylos, My lord. I have a letter for the king.”

“You may proceed but let your men stay here. My men shall escort you within the palace.”

The messenger left his horse in the hands of the stable boy and followed the guard through the palace doors.

His name and station were announced as he was brought before the king.

“What news do you bring?” The voice from the throne was strong and clear.

“Good tidings your Grace…..”


In the audience a man nudged his neighbor, “That’s my little boy up there.”

11 responses to “#95 Setting the Stage

  1. I love this! I still can’t stop laughing! “That’s my little boy up there”. Your 100 words were sufficient to hit the point. Brilliant! Very brilliant!! I can’t hide my excitement. Lovely post!

  2. awww! I hope he videotaped it.

  3. Sayantika Adak Ghosh


  4. The play’s the thing!

  5. read 10-12 of ur blog posts….and frankly speaking liked…oh sorry…loved them…u write so beautifully…keep going shruti….
    love & peace….

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