#94 Believe..

“I believe..”

She scrunched her eyes shut and chanted the rhyme they’d taught her.

She felt something flutter past her bare leg and was tempted to open her eyes. Remembering how the old lady had stressed on the rules she covered her eyes with her hands as insurance.

“I believe…”

She could hear the crickets calling out to one another under the full moon sky. A frog croaked in the distance. The wind whistled a merry tune through the chimes that hung outside her window.

“I believe..”

She opened her eyes and saw tiny flickering lights flying over the lawn.


18 responses to “#94 Believe..

  1. Good thing she didn’t open her eyes… This happened to me once, I was at the dinner table & something fluttered past my bare leg – it was a lizard.

  2. It was just sitting there on my calf looking innocently up at me. When I freaked a millisecond later, it was pretty amused. I’m sure it thought “what a creep” cos of the cold shoulder I received afterwards.

  3. you sure you got the time? 🙂 this could take forever..

  4. sure, as long as you don’t forget to scrunch up your eyes & chant, “I believe..” when I do tell you this story 😀 you’re gonna need it…

    now if you’ll please excuse me I have to take my helicopter to my man-cave. It’s blades are a bit wobbly..

  5. Wait. Is this another version of a fairy story?

  6. It might be that it were the reflection of them that she saw as lights. We’d have to ask them to be sure.

  7. I love your stories. They are so interesting and intrigue me. Full of enchantment. I like being enchanted.

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